2018 Festival Poster Design Brief

This inaugural Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas grew out of many conversations with local residents, groups and community based organisations about how to better develop social and cultural connections across the community.  Through these conversations it was also identified that the Flemington-Kensington area is home to many artists, musicians, singers, choirs, performers, and a host of creative individuals who are all contributing to building a creatively vibrant environment but who are not always visible to each other, or to the wider community.

The primary aims of the Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas:

  • Connect the artists and arts community of the Flemington and Kensington area
  • Offer opportunities to create and/or collaborate in creative events
  • Showcase the area’s artistic and creative strengths in an inclusive and cohesive Festival platform across a 10 day program of events.
  • Celebrate the rich and diverse creative culture of Flemington and Kensington environs.

What we are looking for in the Festival Poster design:
As this is the very first such Festival in the area, we are looking for a strong image or design that reflects, promotes and celebrates the Festival aims. We want the poster image to help create the emergent Festival “vision” from a community view point. We want to capture a sense of the spirit and atmosphere generated by the grassroots vibrancy and creativity of our culturally rich and artistically diverse community.

 The winning image, chosen by popular vote, will be incorporated into all promotional materials in the lead up to and during the 2018 event to be help in October 2018.

The competition is open to any interpretation and any style of design.

 Some things you need to consider:

  • The image must be suitable and adaptable to a variety of applications including: website, advertising, digital communication and event signage.
  • The image must have side appeal and the capacity to engage an audience of varied ages and backgrounds.
  • No corporate/ commercial logos or brands, or anything identifiable as such can be included in the design/image. 
  • Images that represent or incorporate violence, pornography, alcohol consumption, gambling or anti-social behaviour will not be considered and returned to the entrant without entering into discussion

Please note: The final image may have changes and minor adjustments made in consultation with the Festival team. The image will also be modified or cropped to suit various usages as required. Please read the terms and conditions for full details.

Terms And Conditions

The Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas Poster Design Competition

Key dates
Entries:   Open 9 am Friday June 8th   -   Close 5 pm Monday July 9th 2018

Who can enter?
A key aim of the Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas is to support locals who are engaged in artistic and creative endeavours and assist in promoting the artistic vibrancy of the local area.

Entry is open to the following (the "Eligible Entrants"):

  • Individuals of any age, who live, work or attend educational or training institutions in the Flemington and Kensington areas - including Travencore and Ascot Vale.

By entering this Competition, the ‘Eligible Entrant’ represents and warrants that he or she is eligible to enter.

The promoter is Rotary Club Of Flemington Inc (ABN 47 754 561 417)

         Address: PO Box 64 Flemington VIC 3031 

1. Entries open 9am Friday 8th June, 2018.

2. Entry is limited to people currently living, working or studying in the Flemington (including Travencore and Ascot Vale) and Kensington areas.

3. All designs must be original artwork.

4. By entering the competition, entrants agree that they are the originator of the artwork.

5. All artworks, ready for hanging, must be delivered to Rotary Op-Shop 444 Racecourse Road by 5pm on the 9th July 2018.

6. Incomplete or indecipherable entries – and artworks delivered without entry forms attached will be deemed invalid.

7. Completed entry forms – with attached PDF or JPEG image of artwork entered - can be submitted via email or delivered to Flemington Rotary Op Shop via instructions below:

  • EMAIL SUBMISSIONS must be sent to flemkenfestival@rotaryflemington.org.au with 'POSTER PRIZE ENTRY' in the subject line.
  •  Please include your name, address and phone number in the body of the email. Artwork image is to be attached to the email in PDF or JPEG format at 300 dpi at A4 size, with a maximum file size of 5MB
  • DELIVERY to:
    o    Flemington Rotary Op Shop - 444 Racecourse Road, Flemington. (Open Mon – Wed 11am to 5pm  Thurs – Fri 11am to 6pm – Saturday 10am to 2 pm)
    o    Rotary Club of Flemington P.O. Box 64 Flemington, Victoria 3031 (Please send in flat envelop – do not send rolled)

8. The personal information requested on the entry form is being collected by The 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas committee for the purpose of announcing and contacting the winner. The personal information will be used solely by the 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas committee for the above primary purpose or directly related purposes. The entrant understands that the personal information provided is for the purpose of the competition and that he or she may apply to the 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas committee for access to and/or amendment of the information. Requests for access and or correction should be made to The Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas committee by emailing the coordinator at flemkenfestival@rotaryflemington.org.au

 9. No entries will be accepted after the closing date – July 9th 2018.
10. Entrants are restricted to one (1) entry per person.
11. Entries may not be withdrawn after 5pm Monday 9th July 2018.
12. The winning entry will be chosen by popular vote.
13. The entries will be exhibited in local shops, business premises, and community spaces for ten days from Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd July 2018. A list of entries and corresponding exhibition sites will be published on the Festival web site and Facebook pages and circulated through social media sites. Each entry will be labelled with a number and the name of the entrant (unless entrant requests otherwise).
14. Instructions and voting method (via pen and paper or social media sites) will be provided in each participating establishment. Votes are restricted to one per person. The counting of the votes will be scrutinised by independent volunteers and no discussion will be entered into.
15. The winning entry will be unique to the 2018 Festival and is not related to the promoter’s organisation logo.
16. The winning entrant will be required to collaborate with the Festival’s team and graphic designer. Collaboration will include:

  • Sending original electronic graphics file/s
  • Allowing modifications to be made to the winning design/s
  • Approving final design of the final image

17.  By agreeing to these conditions, the winning entrant gives the 2018 Flem-Ken Festival’s committee permission to manipulate the image, and elements of the image thereof, for use on marketing collateral, including but not limited to the official festival website, event signage, advertising artwork, accreditation, t-shirts and print program. Due to time constraints, the winning entrant will not be able to approve individual item designs.

18.  The 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas reserve the right, (including beyond 2018), to use the image extensively and exclusively on promotional materials, on additional products and make use of the image in perpetuity for promotional purposes at its discretion and without fees or expenses being paid.

19.  The 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas committee is not obliged to use any of the images entered into this competition prize.

20.  The 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas committee will assume no rights to the use of unsuccessful entries.

21.  The winning entrant will be subsequently provided with an agreement including the above terms and conditions and negotiating the license. Payment of the $1,000 prize money will be made by cheque once the agreement has been signed and returned to The 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas committee.

22.  The image will be credited to the winner’s name on the official 2018 The Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas website.

23.  By submitting your entry to this competition, you certify that you:

  •  agree with the terms and conditions
  •  are the original and sole holder of the copyright to the image/s that you submit
  • have the authority to license the usage of the image to the 2018 Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas.